Ai Fen

Ai fen is the new solo venture of Polish/Chinese musician and producer Ewelina Vlcek-Chiu, also known as one half of the witchwave duo ba:zel (with Daniel Vlcek). Ai fen comes out of solitude and deep, terrifying self-reflection. The composition is more experimental than the artist’s first project, particularly regarding the voice which vacillates between extreme poles of expression. Ai fen comes out of solitude and deep, terrifying self-reflection. The production is entirely done by Ai fen and features heavy use of processed vocal samples, minimal synths and the soprano flute, played with classical melodies or employed to create textures and drones. Ai-fen is the artist’s Chinese name, given to her at birth as a counterpart to her first Polish name. In this way Ai fen is a nod towards an Other-ed Self, always present but hidden from view, an exploration of identity as a biracial, multinational woman growing up millennial.

Following the release of her first two singles, the visceral “screamo-pop” track “As I Thought” and the vocal sample heavy, more meditative
“This Analog Desire (Makes Me Slow)” Ai fen will self-release her debut album postforever on 27.02 with a run of limited edition cassettes, the album will then premiere digitally on The Brvtalist on 10.03. The album features ten tracks flickering across an experimental pop approach featuring screamo, ambient, classical and techno elements. Its title is an anachronistic, nostalgic gesture towards time, an immortal combat between reflections.


“With her thoughtful lyrics, experimental vocals, and transportive beats, Ai fen is definitely an exciting new presence on the music scene.” The Calvert Journal