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“With a signature otherworldly voice that ranges from frenzied to delicate and a sound that stretches the boundaries of pop music, Ai fen is a unique presence on the contemporary European music scene.” – The Calvert Journal 

“Like an avalanche starting its unstoppable race, “Green Fire” turns beauty into strength.” – HighClouds on “Green Fire”

“Urgently modern.” -Nothing But Hope and Passion  

“Ai fen has taken the music industry in a new direction, from her existential approach to human fragility, to her concern for human life, Ai fen is not just a musician, but a creative within all facets of art.” -Cauldron Cascade

“Her music is powerfully delicate and delicately powerful like a calm and confident assurance that these two qualities are by no means mutually exclusive. Its texture invites the listener to sit with it and observe its flow and the various components she thoughtfully weaves together.” – The Kajet Journal

“Dramatic and stunning.” – Echoes & Dust on “As I Thought”

“There are few things we love more than shattering genres, constraints and identities. When we first heard Ai fen, we were instantly drawn to her unique sound and powerful presence. Her debut album postforever is a collection of 10 tracks which exists in the electronic and pop realms but takes on a life and sound of its own.” – The Brvtalist

“Delicate vocals, dreamy lines and rough textures.” – Son of Marketing on “This Analog Desire (Makes Me Slow)”

“Balancing between serenity and mayhem, it showcases Ai fen’s stellar production, lyricism, and vocals. Ranging from tranquil whispers to high notes, she pronounces each word with an elaborate intonation, engraving the words in the listener’s brain. One does not have to know Polish to feel the magic.” –HighClouds on “MYŚLIWY”

  • Natalia Zehnalova: The Power of Breathing- Music Video Premiere and Interview: