Ai fen is an experimental pop project weaving together screamo, ambient, darkwave, techno and classical to excavate the most hidden, repressed and terrifying aspects of past, present and future self. The project is characterized by vocal experimentation ranging from operatic to screamo, the soprano flute, synths, deconstructed electronics and a range of samples, from vocal to field recordings. 

Ai fen is my Other-ed Self.

“Ai fen is my Chinese name, given to me at birth as a counterpart to my first, Polish name. Ai-fen is spelt with a hyphen, but I have decided to omit it. In doing so I refuse the simplicity of hyphenated identities so often put upon the children of immigrants. To be hyphenated is to be implicated in a play of both prioritization and afterthought. Our identities are never so straightforward as to be placated with a hyphen. What they require is space.” –Echoes & Dust Interview¬†